Directory of Members

If you are a Manufacturer, Distributor Suppliers, Contractor or even Specialist of the Waterproofing Industry, join us in developing and improving the industry in Singapore



Company NameEmail
Elmich (Far East) Pte
Estop (Singapore) Pte
Hitchins (F.E.) Marketing Pte
Laticrete South East Asia Pte /
Movex Pte
Nippon Paint
Normet Singapore Pte
Quicseal Construction Chemicals
Richwest Enterprise Pte
Tremco Asia Pte
Mapei Far East Pte


Company NameEmail
Aik San Construction Pte /
Bestcoat Contract Services Pte
EAC Giftbuild Pte Ltd
Earth Contracts Pte
Glenteq International Pte
Mastercoat Services Pte
Maxiseal Pte.
Pro-Werkze (S) Pte
Solely Construction Pte
Maxbond Singapore Pte
Goldfield Construction Pte
Uniseal Waterproofing Pe